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Dongguan Linghang Silicone Products Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various precision silicone extrusion products business. The company's main products are environmentally friendly silicone tube, food grade silicone tube, medical grade silicone tube, peristaltic pump silicone tube, platinum silicone tube, silicone straw, bathroom silicone tube, hookah silicone tube, fluorescent silicone tube, silicone seal, Silicone solid round bar, silicone luminous strip, silicone headband, silicone two-color tube, silicone seals, silicone shaped sealed pipe and so on. Products from R & D design, mold making, production and processing, sales and shipping integration completed, lower cost, faster aging, more convenient and efficient customer service. Pilot Silicone always adhere to the pioneering and innovative, scientific management, quality-oriented, service-oriented business philosophy, adhere to the science and technology as a rational management for the latitude, seeking truth from facts, all-round, all-weather to meet all the needs of customers.
The company's products have passed the domestic maximum detection structure of the SGS test ROHS, REACH environmental testing, the US FDA food certification, the European Union CE certification, UL certification. Some of the medical silicone tube, peristaltic pump silicone tube imported silicone rubber raw materials, in line with USP Class VI standards and through the biocompatibility of the cytotoxicity test, skin sensitization test, skin irritation test. Silicone products are widely used in small appliances, maternal and child products, LED lighting, fitness equipment, automobiles, toys, medical equipment, hookah accessories, peristaltic pumps, centrifuges, vacuum machines and other fields.
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