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The function and principle of high temperature resistant silicone rubber tube

High temperature resistant silicone tube, silicone foam is the use of silicone rubber high temperature principle of foam, foam silica gel is extruded silicone, mainly from the role of sealing. Because of uniform foaming, good elasticity, good flexibility, so the sealing high extrusion, high adhesion!
Mainly used in electric, electronics, furniture and equipment, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sports equipment, sound, lighting, machinery, automobile, container seal, sealing curtain wall industry.
Characteristics of high temperature resistant silicone rubber hose
1, environmental protection, insulation, high temperature resistance, compression resistance, resilience;
2, small surface tolerance, uniform foam density;
3, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless;
4, good surface is not sticky, good permeability;
High temperature resistant silicone tube
Operation and safety of high temperature silicone rubber hose and foam silicone strip.
Silicone products when wearing protective glasses and gloves, because contact with the eyes will stimulate the eyes. In case of eye contact, wash your eyes with water and contact your doctor. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin, or may cause irritation itching.
High temperature resistant silicone rubber tube, foam silica gel storage.
Store in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.
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