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Competitive advantage of China's food grade silicone rubber hose industry?

With the rapid increase of domestic food grade silicone market demand, China has become the world's food grade silicone consumption, and food grade silicone rubber hose production in major foreign countries and regions, will also increase efforts to expand the market of our country. China's neighboring countries, Japan, Russia, food grade silicone hose capacity has been more than 1 million tons / year, while South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, China's food grade silicone hose industry is also developing rapidly. At the same time, the main varieties of food grade silicone tube, butadiene rubber (BR) has been able to meet the domestic demand of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) plant construction is also accelerating, the next few years there may be excess, in recent years the domestic enterprises of imported food grade silicone tube of anti-dumping litigation is increasing, these are indicates that the future competition in the domestic market will become increasingly fierce silicone rubber.
Silicon rubber industry in China has four competitive advantages. The healthy development of the silicone rubber industry depends on the continuous improvement of the technological progress and the development of high performance products. At present, the competitive advantage of China's synthetic rubber industry lies in:
Have some core technical support. Our country has established including the 7 basic types of plastic is a complete product system, which has the strong support of SSBR core technology (SSBR), thermoplastic styrene butadiene rubber (SBS) and butadiene rubber (BR) and other products in the domestic market share is high, and can be extended in time according to the market development ability the capacity, is conducive to further expand market share. Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), nitrile rubber (NBR) and butyl rubber (IIR) products such as the introduction of technology and construction equipment, the products have successfully entered the market, and there is a certain development in the device capabilities and product brands, laid the foundation for the future market and technology to further expand capacity.
China has a huge market demand. The focus of the world's rubber industry has shifted to developing countries, especially China, China is becoming the world's tire and rubber products manufacturing and processing base and the world's key areas of silicone rubber market competition.
Insufficient domestic natural rubber resources. China's natural rubber supply in short supply, imports rose from 850 thousand tons in 2000 to the year of 2007, more than 1 million 600 thousand tons, increasing dependence on foreign. Increasing the proportion of silicone rubber is an important way to solve the problem of the shortage of natural rubber. Some of the silicone rubber, which can be partly or completely substituted for natural rubber, will have a larger market.
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