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Would like to know the food grade silica gel products features, uses and parameters?

Food grade silicone tube is environment-friendly silicone hose and silica gel profile, compared with the traditional dual 24 vulcanization process of food grade silica gel and silica gel profile, with high transparency, tasteless, yellowing, spray frost etc., especially to solve the black and blue hose spray cream products fade problem. Silicone products are suitable for coffee pot, bread machine, water heater, disinfecting cabinet, water dispenser, kettle, electric iron, electric cooker, frying pan, pulp machine, gas appliance and other mechanical products.
Main features of food grade silicone rubber hose:
1, non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, not yellowing;
2 soft, good elasticity, anti kink deformation;
3 no cracking, long service life, high temperature resistant;
4 with higher tear strength and superior electrical properties;
Performance parameters:
1, temperature range: -60 DEG C ~200 c.
2 rated voltage: 4000V ~ 10000V.
3, hardness: 45~80 degrees.
4, elongation: 500~700%.
Main use:
1medical equipment connecting pipe, catheter, etc.
2baby bottles, tubes, etc.
3electrical equipment such as casing, profile.
4food products.
5drinking water machine, coffee pot, suction cup children with connecting pipe, pipe etc.
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