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Environmental protection silicone strips
Product color Silica gel is translucent, according to the customer color swatch color.
Catalytic condition Platinum catalyst or peroxide
Stability performance The same yellow, placed at room temperature without spray cream, do not spit white, do not fade, no water for a long time scale, no odor, non-toxic -40-200 degree temperature, weak acid and alkali (acid and alkali resistance of different materials with different strength), ozone resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good abrasion resistance, tear resistance, high elasticity. Insulation resistance voltage of 35 thousand volts or more, flame retardant materials can reach 94 - V0
Hardness range 30 degrees to 80 degrees (Shore hardness A)
Dimensional tolerance Conventional size tolerance 0.1mm, part of the small size tolerances can be 0.05mm.
Product certificate Medical grade (food grade) FDA certification, EU LMBG and LFGB certification, CE, UL class 94-VO, SGS, ROHS, REACH, PAHs < 0.2 detection.
high low temperature -50 degrees Celsius ----200 degrees Celsius (color)
Special material -70 degrees Celsius ----300 degrees Celsius (not including transparent color)
Delivery 3-5 days delivery
1, manufacturers wholesale water machine connecting pipe, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for cold and hot water.
2, manufacturers wholesale non-toxic tasteless multi-color hookah, a large quantity favorably.
3, custom manufacturers tap special spring casingwaterproof, multicolor optional, matte matte processing.
4, manufacturers selling bottle cup / kettle Straw non-toxic tasteless, silica gel, food grade detection.
5, manufacturers wholesale ozone generator ozone resistant silicone hose, food grade.
6, manufacturers wholesale non-toxic tasteless, shower gel tube, stainless steel can be woven.
Main features
1, non-toxic, no plasticizer and bisphenol A; SGS food grade FDA detection.
2, high transparency, anti yellowing, using platinum sulfide, no odor.
3, placed at room temperature yellowing, spray frost, do not spit white, do not fade.
4, high tensile strength, high tear resistance, low shrinkage, good rebound.
5, can be printed logo and matte surface treatment.
6, can add external fiber weaving.
Performance parameter
1, temperature range: -60 DEG C ~200 C.
2, rated voltage: 4000V ~ 20000V.
3, common specifications: diameter 0.3mm ~ 80mm diameter.
4, hardness range: 30~90 degrees.
5, elongation: 300~700%.
6, commonly used color: transparent, white, black, red, green, blue, gray; can be customized any color.
Main uses
1, baby bottle / cup / drink Straw Straw.
2, food equipment special connection pipe, such as water dispenser, coffee machine, fruit juice machine.
3, kitchen faucet, bathroom shower.
4, ozone machine / ozone generator.
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