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Orange silicone tape
Product color Silicone color is translucent, according to customer color-like color.
Catalytic conditions Platinum catalyst or peroxide.
Stable performance No water temperature -40-200 degrees, resistant to weak acid and alkali (different materials, different acid and alkali resistance), no water, no smell, no water, no water, Resistant to ozone, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, good tear resistance, wear resistance, high resilience, insulation resistance of more than 35,000 volts.
Hardness range 30 degrees to 80 degrees (Shore hardness A).
Dimensional tolerances Conventional size tolerance 0.1mm, some small size tolerance can be done 0.05mm.
Product Certificate Medical grade (food grade) FDA certification, the EU LMBG and LFGB certification, CE, UL 94-VO level, SGS, ROHS, REACH, PAHs < 0.2 detection.
Resistant to high and low temperature -50 degrees Celsius ---- 200 degrees Celsius (character)
Cargo period 3-5 days delivery
Special remind: specifications, color can be arbitrarily according to customer requirements for processing and production!
main feature:
1, environmentally friendly non-toxic and tasteless, no harm to the human body.
2, not yellow, do not fade, stable performance.
3, anti-ultraviolet radiation, outdoor is not easy to aging.
4, can print logo and surface matte matte treatment.
The main purpose:
1, applicable to all kinds of headband, such as swimming lens belt, mine lamp head, mask headband.
2, applicable to all kinds of straps, tie belt.
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