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Dongguan affordable two-color silicone
1, factory direct double color screen logo goggles with silica gel.
2, the manufacturer of foreign trade export explosion color silica gel drink straw.
3, manufacturers of pet dog collar double color silicone non-toxic.
Main features:
1, non-toxic, no smell, no plasticizer and not containing phthalate.
2, soft, good elasticity, anti kink deformation.
3, no cracking, long service life, aging resistance.
4, with excellent weather resistance.
5, good insulation, high voltage resistance.
6, can be printed logo and matte surface treatment.
Performance parameters:
1, temperature range: -60 ~200°C.
2, rated voltage: 4000V ~ 20000V.
3, common specifications: diameter 0.3mm ~ 80mm.
4, hardness range: 30~90 degrees.
5, elongation: 300~700%.
6, commonly used color: transparent, white, black, red, green, blue, gray.
Main application:
1, toy products.
2, pet products.
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