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High temperature silicone rubber hose manufacturers comply with production rules!

In the country and even exported to Europe and the United States products, now have the unqualified phenomenon, a lot of high temperature silicone tube detection does not pass, even export through the FDA certification and inferior material production, in recent years, Guangdong Inspection Bureau informed the 2015 import silica gel product raw material detection, detection of silicone products many manufacturers will be substandard products, although nominally is through various inspection and certification, but after careful investigation to, there are many problems, such as the use of substandard raw materials, chemicals, silicone products added is not stable enough, raw materials and chemical properties of silica gel silica workshop in the production process. In the dust particles greater than 20 cubic meters of Hauck, in the production of silicone products manufacturer for curing good raw materials without good ventilation. So, many problems can cause our product is not standard, in the above theory, any one of manufacturer's products are in line with our requirements and export requirements, but when it comes to the details of the above detection, related departments of certification, most products do not meet their requirements. The silicone products production requirements is simple, as long as the production of mold and molding machine, so compared with some imitation of gold and silver, and the disadvantages of the illegal production of silicone products, the relevant departments or make a stern warning without recognition related departments are not allowed to export trading activities, otherwise it will be severely punished.
So, especially our high temperature resistant silicone tube in the production process of raw materials in order to save costs, not to use inferior, in accordance with the provisions in the production or processing production, so that consumers will be recognized by high temperature resistant products silicone tube - you, let the consumer satisfaction, if consumers of your products are not satisfied, you in good material is not useless?
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