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How fast is the development of food grade silicone rubber hose industry!

Now the society is food grade silicone tube to develop an open, many small and medium-sized food grade silicone manufacturers, companies are slowly rise in food grade silicone industry I tend to have a lot of things to attract customers, let customers for our favor in 2016 according to the latest statistics data show that in industry, agriculture, life medical teaching, office, industry and so on, we mean silicone products of each industry accounted for 14%, so in the food grade silicone tube industry, we have a lot of advantages, and can make use of a lot of silicone material from the previous material to now so popular hot, what is now the silicone products so selling? In nineteenth Century our major industries are using hardware, wood, plastic, rubber material more, and now different from before, a lot of people on the silica gel slowly began to understand, also slowly spread in social life, people also know slowly for silica gel, but there is still a lot of people do not know, the pace of development in China food grade the silicone tube is amazing, as early as 08 the number of Guangdong food grade silicone tube manufacturers reached 500, up to now has been growing in various regions of the country more, not just in the factory, now is the era of network, the Internet in Chinese every person to reach 800 million people a day in the use of the network when the highest but with the network search every silicone products will not be lower than the millions, as can be imagined. Silicone products spread speed, now in the domestic manufacturers of silicone products increase in customer service and consumption is also increasing, so that some manufacturers for silicone silicone products competition is more and more big, only to make the customer reasonable product, it will not be eliminated, others don't think you have much experience. High level, high quality products is the hard truth!
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