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Silicone head with shelf life

In our life a lot of silicone headstrap have quality problems, quality problems that silicone headstrap will involve the issue of shelf life, we may be the common food shelf life, a shelf life of food are of great importance to a lot of friends, everything has a shelf life, large and small products, daily necessities, including silicone headstrap is the same, many of my friends have questioned, not bad is the silicone products shelf life to it, in fact, silicone products is not so simple, let us look!
The shelf life of silicone headstrap is calculated according to two kinds, one is in accordance with the frequency of use, one is in accordance with the time of running, shortly before the netizen asked one of his silicone nipple placed a year not used, now out can also be used? The problem is there are many, some say it is not bad to can be used, some said silicone material is placed for a long time can not be used, in fact, silicone products shelf-life is mainly in accordance with the provisions of manufacturers, so many products use different performance in different time.
We used some of the basic life of silicone products are made of imported food grade silicone material production, so can shelf life mainly to see the performance of silica gel and add in our production material and use ordinary silicone products for some industrial above if not man-made for more than two years is no problem, we life with silicone products material is good, generally can be used for three to five years is no problem, but in life, because the property of silica gel in the humid air will gradually reduce the degradation, so life is to prevent the activities above if too long, it is not recommended to use the raw materials and the use of silica gel it mainly depends on the shelf life of products, silicone products shelf life is different, so the other performance at the time of purchase But also note that there are no special requirements on the shelf life, the use of the future!
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