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In the development of silica gel seal industry needs features

Silicone seal a large number of products in nearly the same, a lot of time there will be "touch sweater" phenomenon, shinhye source silicone often encounter a lot of complaints have counterparts for patent infringement suspects, but we did not steal other people's products, after explaining to show their unique product design was "clean".
Pay attention to patent and brand protection. Not only to protect their intellectual property rights is to protect their business opportunities. And we are completely independent of the development of silica gel seal, of course, have their own unique side.
Details of the achievements of the classic: for example, many mobile phone sets of silicone appears to form similar, there are actual ages, shapes are used to design the camera in radial, can be a greater range of receiving light, the internal structure of the multi frame, repeated folding will not tear, press molding process is not glue craft tradition, but an embedded production mode. These we have done special treatment, which makes a lot of imitation of our silicone phone sets can only do the shape and God does not like.
Integrity and self-discipline: we develop molds for customers, in addition to the company's internal personnel are not allowed to contact the silica gel seal, after the product is in strict accordance with the number of customer production, the product is only sold this home, no home. Protect the intellectual property rights and market.
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